Our Green Initiatives

Ecological policies of the Cuffie River Nature Retreat

Ecology and Cuffie River/Our Eco-Friendly Practices

In the context of who we are and the green principles upon which Cuffie River Nature Retreat was established and is being run, the following is reflective of this reality:

  • In the pre-construction phase, as few trees as possible were removed from the property. This means that, given their location in the middle of a heavily forested area, the buildings which comprise the Retreat draw an additional cooling advantage from the presence of the many surrounding trees.
  • The buildings themselves enjoy a bio-climatic design with a view to harnessing the power of nature while enjoying her wonderful gifts. This design takes into account natural wind directions, the rising and setting of the sun, rainfall directions. Thus, the private balcony which graces each room not only allows for the guests’ enjoyment of nature visually and physically but also plays a practical role in providing a natural cooling of the rooms making it ideal for a tropical environment. All balconies are set on the eastern side of the rooms.
  • Green technology was employed in the design and construction of the Retreat. Its floors and external walls are made of clay tiles and bricks respectively which, because they do not attract the heat of the sun, help to keep the buildings cool. While window and door openings are framed in steel for strength, the actual window and door frames, ceilings, balconies, etc., are made of local hard wood. French doors and windows are used extensively throughout the building allowing for the entrance of natural light even when closed.
  • Generally, the buildings are designed to utilize nature’s energy-saving gifts of light and air and thus natural light and air currents abound throughout the buildings. No air-conditioning is used.
  • Consequently, all rooms are well lighted by natural light during the daytime, eliminating the need for electricity use.
  • A permanent rain-fed water system which eliminates the use of chlorine for purification. Instead, a charcoal filter is used to filter the water before pumping it into the taps. All drinking water is boiled.
  • A swimming pool which utilizes salt instead of chlorine and which was built above ground deliberately to avoid the need for excavation.
  • Short-flushing toilets which save water.
  • Timers on the pool pumps which are run by electricity.
  • Use of LED bulbs throughout the buildings.
  • Signs are displayed in the rooms asking guests to turn off lights when leaving the room and to indicate the need to have their towels changed by leaving them on the railing of the shower enclosure. This last measure in particular has saved a great deal by cutting down dramatically on energy and time use in the laundry area.
  • A composting system by means of which most of the kitchen waste goes into the ground and from which crops sometimes emerge on their own: papaya trees, pumpkin vines, tomato plants.
  • Non-utilization of canned products thus eliminating the need to dispose of non-biodegradable containers in a context in which there is no formal re-cycling of products.
  • As a result of the above policy, only fresh and frozen perishable products are utilized in the preparation of meals.
  • Re-cycling of plastic bags and containers wherever practical and possible.
  • Collection of all plastic waste which is periodically delivered to a special collection run by a government agency for transformation into re-useable material
  • Use of solar energy for the provision of hot water throughout the Retreat
  • Free Wi-Fi

    Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided. Please note that due to our unique location, signal strength and reliability vary and, subject to your hardware, a Wi-Fi signal may not be available in all rooms.

  • Swimming pool (salt)

    Our swimming pool utilises environmentally-friendly purification, using salt instead of chlorine. The elevated location offers stunning views over the surrounding landscape. A ramp provides access to physically challenged guests. An ideal place to cool off with a freshly mixed rum punch or fruit drink after a walk in the rainforest.

  • Restaurant

    Our menus are crafted from local raw materials and cooking expertise and creativity second to none. Breakfasts comprise fresh juices, fresh fruit and cereal plus your own menu selection. Dinner menus are "table d’hôte" and reflect the unique, multi-ethnic nature of Trinidad and Tobago. Delicious light lunches are also available.