Nature Tours

Enjoy the very best of Tobago with Cuffie River nature and bird-watching tours

Nature Tours & Other Excursions

We offer a variety of guided, interpretive rainforest tours tailored to the needs of the guest: from a two-hour stroll to a full day's hike. All tours in the Cuffie River environs are led by our trained and Award-winning guide whose knowledge of the flora, fauna and bird life will certainly impress you. Wander through the rainforest trails and listen to the music of the rainforest wildlife, waterfalls and streams. Wend your way through vegetation ancient and new, stumble upon fruit growing in the wild, discover streams and waterfalls and, most of all, lose yourself in the pleasures offered by the vibrant bird life all around you!

Our guide will share with you traditional knowledge of the healing uses to which various leaves, herbs, grasses and roots can be put, as well as, very importantly, the social and cultural history of Tobago on this part of the island.

Return from your walk and take a dip in our swimming pool. Or merely bask on the elevated pool deck while watching the vibrant bird life all around you!

But there is more! We offer a variety of other tours around and throughout the island from wetlands birding to beach outings to snorkelling trips to sunset sailings to cultural tours. And, we use the best guides for those who prefer guided tours on the island. Or, you may choose to rent a vehicle and explore the island yourself! We would be pleased to make these arrangements for you.

And the best time of year to do all of this? All year round! Whether in the dry or the green season, Tobago's superb weather patterns make everything possible all of the time.

For the guests not residing at Cuffie River Nature Retreat who nonetheless wish to do a guided tour with us and/or to have lunch or any other meal at the Retreat, please note that this is entirely possible.

It is important to be aware, however, that a reservation should be made at least one day in advance and that we do not conduct tours on Saturdays. Lunches and other meals are available in principle all week but a booking must be made.

Nature Walk at the Cuffie River Nature Retreat in Tobago

Guided Nature Walk

Nature walks through the woods surrounding the Cuffie River estate. Our award-winning guide will share his vast knowledge of the flora, fauna and bird life with you and view species both rare and lovely.

$55 USDper person
Highlands Waterfall, Tobago

Highlands Waterfall

Drive and hike to Highlands waterfall and bathe in the crisp and energizing waters of this beautiful waterfall.

$55 USDper person
Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve, Plymouth, Tobago

Adventure Farm & Nature Reserve

Visit the Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve where a profusion of humming birds can be seen all year round. Other birds are also in evidence. A great spot for photographers.

$75 USDper person
The Gilpin Trail in Tobago's rainforest reserve

Gilpin Trace

The Gilpin Trace trip allows you to enjoy the aesthetics and bio-diversity of a Lower Montane Rain Forest within a Forest Reserve which has been protected for more than two centuries.

$95 USDper person
Speyside & Little Tobago tour

Speyside & Little Tobago

On arrival in Speyside you are taken to Little Tobago Island where you are able to view at close range nesting and sea bird colonies such as the Red-billed Tropic Bird, the Brown Booby, the Frigate-bird, and the Pelican.

$110 USDper person
fishing, snorkeling and sea-bathing tours in Tobago

Fishing/Snorkelling/Sea-Bathing Tour

Enjoy a combination fishing/snorkelling/sea-bathing and barbecue lunch trip originating in Buccoo and allowing you an opportunity to swim with dolphins once they are spotted. See how large a fish you can catch with the equipment provided then barbecue your catch. Snorkel in between at the beautiful reefs along the coast then lunch at one of the many quiet secluded beaches.

$125 USDper person
Spectacular Tobago sunset cruises

Sunset Cruise

Our Sunset Cruise allows you to share in some of the most beautiful sunsets you can hope to see and to experience this at sea. Enjoy a leisurely swim and an appetizer while you wait for your sunset experience!

$105 USDper person
Fort King George, Scarborough, Tobago

Cultural Tour

Visit historic sites including Fort King George, the Tobago Museum, French Fort and Plymouth – the former capital. Acquaint yourself with the intriguing history of Tobago as you go from one Fort to the next and learn the history of Tobago’s encounter with the particular power that established these monuments that exist up to today.

$95 USDper person
Wetland birding tours in Tobago

Wetlands Birding Tour

Wetlands Birding Tour at some of the following: Buccoo Swamp, Belle Garden Swamp, Argyle Swamp, Bon Accord Lagoon.

$95 USDper person